Virtual Reality

The new future of gaming

What is Virtual Reality? Virtual reality is a simulated experience that puts you in a 3D generated enviroment. VR (Virtual Reality) could be used for educational purposes, or even medical and military purposes. However VR mainly is used for entertainment. Many companies begin to make their videos games VR compatible in order to give players another way of playing their game. We also see older games being given VR support due to many fans wanting to try the game in VR as well. As we keep heading to the future, VR sets keep upgrading with better quality. We could even eventually see the movie "Ready Player One" come to life.

When you purchase a VR set, most setups come with two hand controllers, a headset, and two base stations. The average price of these VR sets can go from $600 USD to $900 USD. Although it seems expensive, it has a lot of functions and could be used for many purposes. Some VR headsets could also use a phones in order to play games on it. Most VR sets require a good computer in order to run VR games with good performance. It also needs an play area where you can set up your VR base controllers.

Although VR has many benefits there are also some health issues that can occur when using the VR set. This could range from seizures to to stress injury. There is always the chance of accidentally running into something and breaking the object, the VR headset, or hurting yourself. It can also cause eye fatigue, which ultimately hurts your eyes. It could cause nausea to anyone who is motion sick, and can hurt your back the way you stand. Although there is a lot of health issues, taking small breaks and being mindful of your surrounding can help stay healthy.