The Misinformation of the Corona Virus

How myths could endanger the safety of the public

As many countries try to contain the corona virus, many false rumors have been spread throughout the media which has ultimately led to the public being less safe. “It is a real challenge in terms of trying to get the message to the public about what they can really do to protect themselves and what the facts are behind the problem," said Michael Osterholm, the head of the University of Minnesota's Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy. There are many people out there who do not believe such virus exists out there which indangers the entire public's health. Others believe there is already a cure and that there is no need for a mask. Other rumors could spread from even family members who could unknowingly tell you safety tips that actually could harm you.

Doctors battle against misinformation that is posted on the internet by those who want to harm the public. Other misinformation such as deaths that weren't caused from Covid-19 being counted as a Covid-19 death. Many doctors came to medias such as Facebook or Twitter to tell people what are rumors and what are facts about Covid-19. They also argued about whether the unproven drug, hydroxychloroquine, should be used for patients. President Donald Trump made many false statements, and also supported the use of hydroxychloroquine to help cure those who have Covid-19. There are also other countries such as Russia and China who have made false rumors about the virus. China even claims to say that the US created the virus and made it spread in China, saying it was China's fault.

Over 800 people have died due to the misinformation found online or even by family members. Another 6000 people have been hospitalized due to false information about the virus. These rumors such as consuming large amounts of garlic, taking vitamins to cure infections. There are even some people who sell diluted bleach and name it as medicine, which has killed people. Many theory conspiratists have harmed the public by spreading false rumors such as masks not helping or saying there was no such thing as covid-19.

Another problem that has been arising is scammers who are using the pandemic as a opportunity to make money. Many scammers claim to have made a cure for the virus and sell it to unknowing people and scam them. Other scammers try getting people to buy their life insurance or products such as masks, and hand sanitizers. Some scammers have been reported and have been caught, having to pay a fine and being arrested for faking medicine and endangering people.There was also others who hoarded supplies during the pandemic who were punished with fines and having to give all the items they hoarded to a charity.